I mean aren’t there enough of these? Why yet another blog devoted to politics and public policy? Well the answer is simple – I felt it would be easier for me to fully express myself on a forum under my control. It is that simple.

I am not posting here under another assumed identity, I use this same moniker on a number of forums that I visit frequently, and I will continue to contribute to those. Here however, I will be able to take my time and write about subjects that I think are important, and in a time frame that will allow me to devote my full attention to the subject rather than under the pressure of a chat room format.

So what kind of blog will this be? 

I am a Democrat, of a moderate to liberal bent. So I will be coming at issues from that perspective. Unlike other forums, where villifying other Democrats seems to be the first rather than last reaction, my tendency will be to try and understand the actions of our leadership in the context of the issues they are dealing with, the politics at play, the historical timeline of similar issues and how they were dealt with in the past.

I will not be timid about criticizing Democratic officeholders on certain issues where it is warranted, but the all to frequent tendency among the liberal blogosphere to immediately mount a campaign to oust these leaders will be rare on this site. Rather than assuming our leadership have nefarious or self serving motivations for entering public life, with every dissaproved of action being proof of that tendency, I assume they have entered public service for purpose of having a positive impact on society. If they then vote in a way I dissaprove of, or that seem contrary to the best interest of their constituents, I will look to understand the action before criticizing the motivation behind it.

I have an enormous amount of respect for folks on other political blogs, forums that I visit on a daily basis. DemocraticUnderground, Daily Kos, MyDD, TPM, Donkey Digest, Raising Kaine to name a few have had a real impact on our political process, one that I doubt that I will ever rise to. However, that respect will not keep me from being critical of them for the tendencies I have described above.

For now postings will be fairly infrequent while I get used to the software, and while I refine the design of the site. I am using all of the default settings so there won’t be any cool features or distinctive graphics right away. That will come in time. I will also want anyone and everyone to post their comments – I would like this to be a place of constructive dialog as well as a place where I can more effectively express myself. The ability to add comments will come soon as well.

The first substantive blog entry that I am currently working on and should have posted this weekend is a look back at the vote in October 2002 on the Iraq War Resolution and the motivation of the Democrats that voted in the affirmitive, particularly Hillary Clinton. Were  these Democrats simply voting to preserve their political viability as so many liberals believe, or did they genuinely believe they were acting in the best interests of the country?

Thanks very much for stopping by. Hopefully those that stumble on by here will find a site worthy of repeated vists!!